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Testimonials can be a tricky area when dealing with the private and sensitive matters that comprise much of what we do at Highwick Associates. Some of our most successful work cannot be discussed at all, nor can the identities of most of our clients be disclosed publicly.

Nevertheless some do go on the record and have given us permission to share.

“As a founder of Australia’s number one online department store, managing our business and brands online reputation is a crucial and focused effort. Our in house resource in this regard, has been deeply enhanced by the contribution of Nick Braak of Highwick Associates.

Clearly reputation management in the digital economy requires a number of complimentary skill sets, including of course, significant technical skills as well as a deep understanding of search engine optimization and social media. But even this is not enough, Nick also has investigative skill sets, indeed it seems he has a deeper understanding of the human psyche and why people or persons would attempt to undermine you and your brand online. Let’s be clear, attempts to undermines ones brand comes from many sources, mischievous competitors, disgruntled employees or suppliers, and other. Being on top of, and responding proactively to online “ chatter” is not optional.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nick. I am available to provide one on one references.”

Paul Greenberg
Executive Chairman


“After an ex-employee of mine took over my company with her computer and the internet, I didn’t know what to do. A friend suggested I call Highwick Associates and I’m very grateful I did. Nick’s knowledge and vast understanding of the complexity of my case impressed me the most. I felt he knew what to do each step of the way. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an honest and knowledgeable man, Nick is your guy.

Thanks for all that you do Nick! Keep up the great work!”

Company President
North Carolina


“We engaged Nick’s services when we were finding ourselves burning time and resources dealing with a person who was effectively a cyberstalker, who was perpetually trying to cause us more and more reputation damage.

Two key benefits came out of engaging Nick as a service provider: Firstly, Nick’s expertise meant we did not have to endure a learning curve while trying to get on top of the situation, and secondly, by committing ourselves to make use of an external party our more web-savvy leadership team members were freed up from this hassle to focus on our business again. A double win.

Nick has a deep knowledge of his subject matter and any organisation with a need to manage their online reputation would be wise to consult with Nick.”

Mark Cohen
CIO / Head of Technology


“Nicholas can be relied on to provide a superb solution to a unique problem in blazingly fast time. Even if your problem requires multiple steps to achieve the desired result, Nicholas can point you in the right direction, and, as he did in my case, give you hope that a solution is achievable even when you had no idea where to start looking for one in the first place. I highly recommend his skills of problem solving as well as attention to detail.

Personally, I was impressed with his eagerness and genuine caring to provide a solution. Thank you, once again.”

Rubina Mustafa
Lawyer Guardian ad Litem
Michigan Children’s Law Center


“I enthusiastically endorse Nick. I have worked with him on several projects and I am always impressed with the depth of his knowledge and his capacity to absorb new information. He does not leave a project until he has completed it to his own high standards. Typically he takes the original requirements and quickly sees beyond them to where I need to go. I have found that, rather than sticking to exactly what I have requested, he implements the project I SHOULD have asked for.

And when it comes to the internet, he has an unlimited capacity to locate important information that I never knew existed. It’s like x-ray vision, where he not only sees the information but, in addition, he is able to determine the accuracy of the contents, the background of the authors and place them all in context.”

Linda Ewen
Ewenique Inc.

You may also view testimonials from colleagues and clients of Nick Braak and Highwick Associates at LinkedIn