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Facebook seduction – dozens of members of business network Ecademy duped into friending fake account

An attractive young lady going by the name of Jenn Collins is in the process of friending hundreds of people on Facebook, many of them members of the UK based business network, Ecademy.  A few days ago she had 488 friends, today 553. Jenn says she lives in Miami Florida and speaks multiple languages. She is also polite, friendly and likes the movies Spiderman and Braveheart.

Unfortunately the pictures, as seen above, are not hers. Nor is Jenn who “she” claims to be. It’s fake and the prelude to a probable scam or other misuse of trust. The person or persons operating the Facebook account are using social engineering to quickly build a pliable and trusting following. The use of provocative pictures has ensured that plenty of men accepted in a flash. No surprise there, just human nature at work.

It’s also the real-world manifestation of the occasional darker side of being “Open Random and Supportive”* (ORS*), a networking methodology frequently advocated on Ecademy and by its founders. So it should come as no surprise that Ecademy Chairman Thomas Power is one of Jenn’s friends!

If I’m wrong about this fine young lady I’ll happily travel to Miami to meet Jenn in person, confirm her identity and report back. Of course, I’ll also retract this blog.

I have a good idea who is behind this, but I’m not saying more at this time, other than to say there is a clue on Facebook that leads to the operator(s).

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  • Perhaps in this case, Online Receptive and Stupid 🙂

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