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Revenge is one of the primary reasons for an Online Reputational Attack

Stop signAfter three years in this field I can say with a high degree of confidence that revenge is one of the primary reasons for a reputational attack.

Anything you say, do or is a known negative, may be used against you by someone seeking revenge. Even if their issue is completely unrelated to the negative details they may send to others or publish online.

To reduce the possibility of an online reputational crisis

  • Avoid getting into online arguments with strangers.
  • Don’t harass, bait or defame others online.
  • Don’t lie about your background, education or accomplishments.
  • Don’t get arrested.
  • Don’t get convicted.
  • Don’t have an affair, especially with a co-worker or boss.
  • Try not to post online, send emails, texts or leave voicemails when you are drunk, high or angry.
  • Don’t steal content and claim it as yours or use it for your own ends.

In a nutshell:

  • Don’t do things that are guaranteed to piss people off .
  • Stop, think and resist the urge to act in haste. (Yes, that’s not easy for some.)
  • Always expect the unexpected.
  • Be prepared to respond and defend.
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  • I agree with these points – and would add one more thing: not listening and/or being unavailable or unaccountable when something goes wrong is a sure-fire way to incur online punishment.

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