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Services and capabilities

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Highwick Associates helps identify, prevent and mitigate potential and actual online threats to the Reputation, Privacy and Brand Value of Corporations, Business Owners, Professionals, Executives, High-Profile and High-Net-Worth persons and their families.

What our clients get

Clients are provided with individualized, detailed guidance, strategies and investigative / tactical resources for the prevention of reputational and economic damage, compromises of privacy and to secure and manage Intellectual Property and digital assets.

Real-time monitoring and proprietary tactics

We employ a variety of robust real-time monitoring tools and proprietary preemptive tactics to tackle and prevent malicious posters, impostors, Internet smear campaigns, cyber-stalkers, privacy breaches, con artists, fakes, frauds, IP theft, hackers and cybercriminals.

The latest digital tools combined with classic techniques

A plethora of the latest digital tools and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques, combined with classic techniques of deduction, observation and investigation are leveraged to navigate and penetrate the digital/cyber world of social and business networks, blogs, social media, search engines and both the real-time and archival web.

The all-important human factor

Great emphasis is placed on assessing and understanding the human factors that lie behind threats to reputation and brand. The “why” and “who” not just the “how” or the “what.” More often than not the source of the problem is human, not a computer or algorithm.

Who we work for

Assignments are undertaken as direct client engagements, or in partnership with in-house and outside professionals in public relations, crisis communications, branding, SEO, IT, legal, private investigation, social media and digital strategy, intellectual property, information security, forensic accounting, law enforcement, web development and human resources.

Brand Protection Services

  • Intellectual Property theft, misuse and protection
  • DMCA issues and takedowns
  • Domain name issues, copyright, cybersquatting etc.
  • Identification and verification of ownership of websites, companies, domain names, email addresses and usernames
  • Preemptive and defensive registrations

Online Reputation Protection Services

  • Pro-active and preemptive online reputation planning
  • Online impersonation, account and name hijacking
  • Online smear and cyber-stalking campaigns
  • Negative comments, libel, defamation and harassment on social and business networks (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Negative comments, libel, defamation and harassment on blogs, forums and websites
  • Negative or malicious reviews on business rating and complaint sites (Ripoff Report etc.)
  • False or defamatory postings on consumer and professional service review websites
  • Removal of data from Google and other search engines

Cybercrime and Information Security Services

  • Threats, extortion and harassment by email, internet or other electronic means
  • Tracing and identifying the posters of messages, senders of email and creators of websites
  • Internet, e-commerce, computer fraud and cybercrime
  • Investment and business scams
  • Data breaches, theft and misuse of data
  • Malware, Spyware, Trojans, keyloggers and Windows security
  • Phishing and social engineering prevention, testing and training
  • Website defacement, hacking and penetrations

Online and Personal Digital Privacy Services

  • Professional and personal online threat risk analysis and mitigation
  • Online privacy auditing – how much are you leaking out?
  • Passwords and authentication evaluation, secure password schemes, password audits
  • All matters related to fake or fraudulent profiles and persons on social and business networks
  • Data removal and opt-out from databases, “people search” services and social networks

Competitive Intelligence and Research Services

  • Deep web research
  • Internet monitoring and tracking
  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) research
  • Social Network relationship and Social Graph mapping
  • Electronic document verification
  • Email and website/network access tracing

Electronic Evidence and Legal Services

  • E-discovery and electronic evidence gathering and preservation
  • Custodian interviewing
  • Reports and documentation for complaints, lawsuits and discovery
  • Information and updates on developments and changes in Internet Law