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Ripoff Report website hosting update

Our search analytics show that the topics of a previous blog “Ripoff Report moves the website back to the United States” continues to be of interest.  As there are some changes to report on where the Ripoff Report website is hosted, it seems like a good time for an update.

Currently the Ripoff Report website is hosted on a server in a large data center belonging to Softlayer, in Dallas, TX.  That’s according to the information returned in a DNS lookup for the domain, which returns an IP address of  The server still appears to be under the management of anti-scraping and web security vendor Distil, Inc. , who are hosting sites for other clients on the same server (or cluster of servers.)  The hosting move away from the Amazon cloud (see earlier blog) occurred some months ago and seems to have been made without noticeable disruption or downtime.

It should be noted that this kind of hosting move is fairly commonplace in the internet world. I would not and do not read anything into the change of hosting providers – in the sense that there is no evidence of any attempt to camouflage or obfuscate  the location of the Ripoff Report website. This will be disappointing to anti-ROR types, who otherwise might be quick to jump on this as “evidence” of Ripoff Report “running and hiding” etc. etc.

According to twitter and blog posts from Ripoff Report editor Ed Magedson and other staffers, Ripoff Report continues to be plagued by organized  attempts to copy content for reuse on other websites, hence the use of Distil’s technology, which is claimed to thwart, or at least, reduce the copying or scraping of content.

Whether this technology is fully effective remains to be seen. Like other “anti measures” (such as CAPTCHAs) the bad guys soon devise high and low tech work-arounds, some using the very low cost and abundant manual labor workforce in the emerging economies. And that is a topic for another upcoming blog we are currently working on.

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  • I agree with you!

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