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Lawyer must remove allegedly defamatory comments from RipoffReport says court

A Manhattan judge has ordered a lawyer to take down allegedly defamatory statements he posted on the Internet in response to negative reviews he believed had been written by a former client.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Kern on Tuesday said lawyer Robert Feldman must take down the statements

In 2010, two negative reviews of Feldman were posted anonymously to a website,, which publishes consumer complaints against companies and individuals, according to the ruling. One of the comments, posted in July 2010 and still available on the website, called Feldman “the most unscrupulous lawyer.”

Feldman responded on to the comments in late 2011, saying they were authored by Glassman, whom he called “emotionally disturbed” and accused of “harassing and victimizing” several women, the ruling stated.

Full story from Reuters: Lawyer must remove allegedly defamatory comments from Web: court.

My comment: Fat chance. Ripoff Report does not remove comments and has defied other court orders in the past.

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