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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your fees?

Since we do not offer cookie-cutter packages or bundles there is no “rate sheet.” Every situation is unique, every client is unique. Only once we understand your needs do we then recommend solutions and costs. Whatever the situation we strive to offer quality and value.

Q. I have an urgent problem.

A. Call or email and we’ll reply promptly. We can move very quickly to take remedial action if need be.

Q. Are you Private Investigators?

A. No. We are “Investigative Consultants.” We locate information, provide consulting and strategic advice. If the services of a licensed PI are required we can make a suitable referral.

Q. Can you get content deleted from the Internet?

A. Some things yes. Some not. We’ll tell you truthfully what is and isn’t possible.

Q. I’ve got a really embarrassing, sensitive  situation here.

A. We can help. People make mistakes. Stuff happens. We are not here to judge.

Q. I need documentation or evidence for a court order or a lawsuit.

A. We can help.

Q. I’m being cyber-stalked and harassed.

A. We can help.

Q. Can you trace an anonymous post, message or person?

A. Often yes. We’ll tell you truthfully what is and isn’t possible.

Q.  Do you deal with with adult materials / alternate lifestyles / “indiscretions”

A. Yes. With the exception that child porn or other blatantly illegal materials will be reported to law enforcement.

Q. Will you “hack” or do something illegal.

A. No.

Q. Will you work with my Attorney / Internet Team / PR firm / IT staff etc.

A. Absolutely, if you wish. Alternatively, we can be completely discreet.