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Fraud Film review – The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan

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I caught this movie last week, mostly by accident. Despite the “white collar” in the title, the trailer and intro set it in the world of football (soccer) hooligans. However, as the official blurb below explains, the backdrop is the world of credit card fraud. More precisely: bank card cloning.

“Casual football hooligan Mike Jacobs is going nowhere in life when he meets old friend Eddie Hill at a football riot. Under Eddie’s tutelage he soon finds himself inducted into the world of credit card fraud, where organized gangs withdraw hundreds of thousands of pounds from cash machines every night. As Mike becomes seduced by the money and women that come with his new lifestyle, the dangers increase and he soon finds events spiraling beyond his control.”

The story that unfolds is how the main character, down on his luck, gets drawn into a world of gangsters, easy money, carding and cloning, violence etc. The clashes between the football supporters occur briefly early on and are not seen again.

There are several scenes showing the card cloning technology, the geeks who run the equipment and the small-scale manufacturing they do to equip the “teams” with bundles of freshly encoded cards, which are then used at ATMs in England and Paris to withdraw a few million in cash each week.

I don’t know if the numbers are based on reality for UK and European fraud. The amounts withdrawn seem absurdly high for one gang to be able to get away week after week. Neither are the scenes showing the fraudsters standing at ATMs inserting card after card and withdrawing hundreds of pounds and euros from each account. That unusual pattern alone would surely trigger major alerts in the system? Also not plausible is that none of them ever hide their faces, wear hats or seem to care that they are inches away from a video camera at each ATM.

Anyway it’s supposed to be entertainment and not a documentary, so I’ll still mark “The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan” as worth seeing. It is somewhat cliched and formulaic, but there are some nice twists and decent acting, along with suitably gritty settings.

More about the movie at their official Facebook page

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